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Live-Edge Furniture

in vermont since 1976


Custom Craftsmanship

David Holzapfel

"My efforts are rooted in trees.
Wiggly, indigenious hardwood burls, 'dog-legs”
gnarled branches & center rot trees
all unused by the lumber industry
I reveal wood's inherent nature, employ its vital structures,
and give it new life as a functional piece of furniture."

Material-based design


Turned and carved vessels

michelle holzapfel


"I use the materials, tools and techniques of woodworking to render images from daily life: textile, plant, animal and human forms. This vocabulary emphasizes the tactile possibilities of wood: from smoothly pleated forms and carved basketweave motifs to corduroy-textured surfaces.

Through these efforts, I honor the spirit of my artisan ancestry and the quiet heroism of daily life while contributing to the changing forms of human culture.

Violence has been a central impetus in my work for many years: the violence I do to the wood, the physical wear-and-tear to my joints and muscles, the wresting of the viewer’s attention, and the brutal relentlessness of our commercial age. But when these forces are momentarily focused....and skill serves intention....a small, temporary truce may be won—at a cost."

Tactile possibilities of wood

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